The Leonardo da Vinci Program

leonardo-da-vinciThe Leonardo da Vinci Program is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Program. This unique program supports several kinds of enterprises, large and small. Some are initiatives that help people to get training in other countries. Others are projects which utilize cooperation to transfer or develop cutting edge practices. There are also activities which focus on topical themes in each sector.
The population that benefits from the da Vinci programs is large and varied. They range from trainees just starting out, to people well familiar with stacking chairs and have already graduated. In addition, VET (Vocational Education Training) professionals are helped, along with anyone from similar organizations.
Due to the work of da Vinci organizations from all over Europe are able to work with partners in the vocational sector. They can exchange best practices, and improve the professionalism of the staff. The work of da Vinci will help make vocational training become a more attractive option for today’s young people. The hope is that by allowing the next generation to gain new skills, knowledge and qualifications. In addition the program improves the competitiveness of the European labor market.

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