Beauty Can Pay the Bills

hairdresserWhen we think about getting an education, many of us think about college degrees and schools of study. But there are many ways to make a living and some of them take us down paths we might not have considered. Becoming a cosmetician, for instance, is a great way to work independently, to work from your home and to make quite a nice living either by itself or on the side.

During cosmetician school, you’ll learn about make-up application, hair cutting, hair styling and more. Some programs focus more on one area of cosmetician than others. When you come out of the program, you should know how to cut and dry hair, how to set hair for a wedding or other event, how to color hair and more. You’ll also know what make-up colors work best for various skin tones and you can do make-up application for weddings, for events, and for teaching people about doing their own make-up application.

Many of these programs also teach students about color choices so that they can help clients to select clothing that will best suit their skin tone and their body.  While the vocational programs you encounter may not take place in fancy settings, and may include folding chairs and folding tables, you can walk away with a real professional and with real skills. And these, in the end, are worth a great deal to the pocket book and the self-esteem of the one being trained.

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