The A-Z of School Vocational Education

NSW-Vocational-educationTips from the NSW Education and Communities on vocational education at school. How to encourage kids to get a practical education as a way to get into the workforce. Finding out about VET Courses. For more information:

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Vocational Training Teams

Vocational Training Teams (VTTs) are a new way for Rotarians to Do Good in the World. Watch as a VTT from Thailand receives training in the U.S., and an American VTT helps build a water system in Thailand.



Vocational Training Teams from Rotary International on Vimeo.

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Vocational Training: Is It For You?

mechanicNot everyone needs to be a doctor or lawyer. Many of us are raised in society to believe that we have to have as much professional education as possible and achieve to the highest level there is. But society also needs carpenters, cosmeticians, auto mechanics, chefs and others who run all aspects of our lives. And these fields are just as essential to the functioning of our society as anything else.
What does it mean to have vocational training? Sometimes, a high school program will offer vocational training so that the students who don’t believe they are heading to college can exit high school with a trade. Such training might include things like auto mechanics, wood working, carpentry, hair cutting and more. This is a great way for a high school student to take ownership of his education and to leave high school with an actual trade. Rather than sitting at a reception desk as a secretary, for instance, after high school, the student might be able to open his own barber shop in the house, or to work for a large auto parts store as an auto mechanic.
Sometimes, the person has already finished high school or moved beyond this stage in his life. Many community colleges have vocational training programs. They are inexpensive and often take only six months or so to complete. This is a great way to acquire a field that can keep you employed and feeling good about yourself as you look to enter the workforce.

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Vocational Training

voc-trainingCheck out the European Quality Assurance Reference framework for Vocational Education!

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Vocational Education in Israel

Shay Piron, Israeli Education Minister talks about the international labor market.    Given that fact, it  makes more sense for education to change as well.  He believes that the whole world (except for Israel) has realized that the primary way to deal with the unpredictable future is to offer kids in school right now “long term education and training in vocational fields.”  Piron thus advises Israel to get with the program as it were, and train students in industry and other areas.

At the end of the day, talented people need good jobs.  And if they don’t get trained for them, or they don’t get offered the proper remuneration for them, then they will continue to leave in droves and Israel will not succeed as it should.  It is no good just getting a degree in communications.  If there is no job at the end of it, then no-one benefits and it’s been a waste of educational resources.

Thus vocational education must be rebuilt in a way that offers students the tools they need to deal with the global changes taking place, both in Israel and throughout the world.


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