Vocational Education in Israel

Shay Piron, Israeli Education Minister talks about the international labor market.    Given that fact, it  makes more sense for education to change as well.  He believes that the whole world (except for Israel) has realized that the primary way to deal with the unpredictable future is to offer kids in school right now “long term education and training in vocational fields.”  Piron thus advises Israel to get with the program as it were, and train students in industry and other areas.

At the end of the day, talented people need good jobs.  And if they don’t get trained for them, or they don’t get offered the proper remuneration for them, then they will continue to leave in droves and Israel will not succeed as it should.  It is no good just getting a degree in communications.  If there is no job at the end of it, then no-one benefits and it’s been a waste of educational resources.

Thus vocational education must be rebuilt in a way that offers students the tools they need to deal with the global changes taking place, both in Israel and throughout the world.


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